The knowledge – 13 things I’ve learnt about off-roading

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I recently spent the day mud plugging with the i2i Motorcycle Academy at Thirsk, and it’s right up there with the best things I’ve done on two wheels – I’m still laughing now. Here’s what I learnt:

1) KTM’s 250cc machine is good

2) The 350’s better

3) The 450’s a vicious bastard that will spit you off

4) Off road boots suck

5) But they work

6) Drifting rocks

7) Rooster tails are cool

8) The clown costumes aren’t 

9) There’s a lot more grip than you think

10) But you will fall off…again, and again and again

11) At the end of the day you’ll wonder why you’ve never tried it sooner

12) There’s still no substitute for genuine Jaffa Cakes

13) It’s not as grim ooooop t’north as they say

photo-8 keep-calm-and-eat-jaffa-cakes-27