New kit: Alpinestars Limited Edition kenny Roberts Sr. Supertech R


Alpinestars has launched a Limited Edition Kenny Roberts Sr. Supertech R boot at the Circuit of the Americas as a celebration of American racing.

King Kenny’s distinct riding style, honed on the dirt, redefined premier class motorcycle racing, with his kneedown style soon being adopted by the rest of the field.

King Kenny enjoyed 60 starts in 500cc racing, securing 24 wins, 44 podiums, 22 poles and 27 fastest laps as he dominated the class.

Regarded as a legend of the modern era, the Kenny Roberts Sr. Limited Edition Supertech R recognizes King Kenny’s racing success, his revolutionary riding style and his bravery. Featuring all of the technical innovations of Alpinestars’ class-leading Supertech R boot, the special colorway allows fans to enjoy a distinctive, premium race boot fit for Champions.

During the presentation of his Limited Edition Supertech R Boot, at the US MotoGP round, Circuit of the Americas, Kenny expressed his views on the boots and the design: “From the beginning, I needed boots that gave me good feeling and with these new boots, Alpinestars has always been able to keep the comfort level. It feels like a street shoe that is made for racing. That is hard to achieve and Alpinestars did a great job with this. For me, I want to put a boot on and not feel like I have one on, and that’s not easy to do. Not only do the boots look good, but they do a good job for what a rider needs.”


News: Alpinestars issues airbag statement

TechAir - riding image_Airbag_Position_2132014

In response to the news last week that a German court (the Higher Regional Court of Munich issued judgment) upheld the claim that Alpinestars had infringed upon patent EP 2 412 257 B1 held by Dainese S.p.A, relating to its D-air® system, Alpinestars has released the following statement: “As soon as the Court serves the written judgment, Alpinestars will study the details prior to taking any decision on its next steps.

“[We] want to clarify that this action never involved the core of Alpinestars Tech-Air® technology;  at no point, either past or present, has any action or patent infringement involved the electronic management, algorithm, or deployment mechanism, or any other part employed within Alpinestars entirely unique and advanced Tech-Air® technology.

“As consistently stated throughout this legal process, Alpinestars fully respects and honors third parties’ intellectual property rights and expects the same with respect to its own IP rights. Alpinestars’ highly innovative Tech-Air® products are based upon years of its in house research and development conducted by its own team of leading research and development staff.

“Since the very beginning of the Tech-Air® project, which commenced in 2001, the freedom to ride with the most advanced innovations of performance protection has been the objective relentlessly pursued by Alpinestars and the result is uniquely advanced and capable technology. Tech-Air® is the world’s first airbag providing full upper torso protection in a transferable vest which incorporates a completely independent electronic management system, with no reliance on any external devices (sensors or GPS), to give accident detection and full airbag inflation before the first impact, dual charge for the track and off-road capability as demonstrated in the 2019 Dakar Rally.”

News: the fight for Airbag supremacy takes another twist in Germany


After a lengthy legal wrangle over the intellectual property found in the Alpinestars Tech-Air and Dainese D-Air airbag systems, the Munich Court of Appeals has ruled that Alpinestars violated a Dainese patent (EP 2 412 257 B1), which confirms the decision of the Munich Court of First Instance.

This is big news as the decision could influence similar legal actions that Dainese has pending against Alpinestars in the Italian, British, and French markets, as well as other legal actions still in the German market.

So what happens next? Alpinestars can appeal the decision with the German Federal Supreme Court, or accept the court’s decision. If it chose the latter, this would prohibit the sale of Tech-Air products in Germany and result in the company recalling existing Tech-Air products from commercial customers as well as compensating Dainese for damages that stem from the sale of Tech-Air products in Germany.

This legal battle surrounds the wording of the patent, most of which covers the placement of “airtight pouches” in the garment and specifically states that the activation intelligence is not part of the patent (protecting trade secrets).

Both brands have established themselves as safety platforms for motorcyclists, and both brands have begun to offer their airbag technologies to rival brands. Essentially, Alpinestars and Dainese are in a battle to control the future of motorcycle safety garments, which will surely include airbag technology.

MotoGP: Pedrosa signs two-year test deal with KTM

Pit Beirer & Dani Pedrosa 2018

Dani Pedrosa has signed a two-year deal with Red Bull KTM to be the manufacturer’s MotoGP test rider for 2019-2020.

The three times champion and thirteen-season premier class veteran will work alongside Mika Kallio developing the KTM RC16 for what will be the motorcycle’s third year of Grand Prix competition.



New kit: Alpinestars Limited Edition Stoner Supertech R boot


The Australian MotoGP race weekend at the legendary Phillip Island circuit is synonymous with one rider, two-time MotoGP World Champion Casey Stoner. The Australian took six consecutive premier class wins at his home Grand Prix during his illustrious career, and to celebrate this remarkable achievement Alpinestars has created the Limited Edition Stoner Supertech R Race Replica.

The Stoner Limited Edition Supertech R recognizes Stoner’s racing success, his style and his devastating speed. Featuring all of the technical innovations of Alpinestars’ class-leading Supertech R boot, the special colorway allows fans to enjoy a distinctive, premium race boot fit packed with cutting edge performance innovations, including a redesigned compound rubber sole, an ergonomically profiled shin plate and a redesigned front flex area.

Stoner burst onto the MotoGP scene in 2006, taking pole in just his second race as he established himself as one of the quickest riders on the grid. He dominated the championship the following season, taking tens race wins and six pole positions on his way to giving Ducati their first premier crown.

Stoner added another MotoGP title in 2011 and finished his career with 38 wins, 69 podiums, 39 pole positions and 29 fastest laps from his 115 race starts

New kit: Alpinestars launches Limited Edition Doohan Supertech R boot

Doohan LE

The San Marino MotoGP race weekend at the iconic Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli holds fond memories for five-time 500cc World Champion Mick Doohan; the Australian won at the track in 1991 and enjoyed another five victories on Italian soil throughout his illustrious career.

Mick dominated racing’s premier class until 1998, winning five consecutive world titles, and to celebrate this incredible feat Alpinestars has created the Limited Edition Doohan Supertech R Race Replica.

The Doohan Limited Edition Supertech R’s are a fitting tribute to Doohan’s achievements on the track. Featuring all of the technical innovations of Alpinestars’ class-leading Supertech R boot, the special colorway allows fans to enjoy a distinctive, premium race boot fit for Champions.

New Kit – Alpinestars John McGuinness Limited Edition Supertech R Boot


The Mountain Course; legendary, iconic and one of the ultimate challenges in motorsports. 37 and a half miles of everyday street tarmac that snakes through stone-wall lined country lanes, along tree tunneled straights, through usually sleepy towns and over the foreboding mountain roads of the Isle of Man at full throttle. A rugged, windswept island setting that sits in the middle of the Irish Sea which, for over 110 years, has been the greatest test of rider and machine at the annual TT races.

To complete the TT course is special, to win is to join a small group of motorcycle racing’s revered stars. With 23 TT victories in his career to date, John McGuinness is a legend; the King of the Mountain who has re-written the record books and stood on more TT podiums than any rider in history. His focus, his accuracy and his devasting speed has set a bench-mark that few can aspire to match and for such ability, it is fitting for Alpinestars to introduce the John McGuinness Limited Edition Supertech R Boot.

The boot itself is the usual no-compromise boot you’d expect from Alpinestars. Designed and developed to the highest technical standards, the Supertech R Boots today represent the pinnacle of racing innovation for track and road use. Alpinestars’ most iconic sports boot, the Supertech R incorporates a whole host of performance innovations including a redesigned compound rubber sole, an ergonomically profiled shin plate, a redesigned front flex area, plus the pioneering dual torsion, bio-mechanical ankle brace – all of which enhance this CE certified boot.

New kit – Proper Cleaner


Everybody’s favourite truck mechanic, tea connoisseur and TV host, Guy Martin has just launched a new bike cleaner.

Nothing to revolutionary from the Lincolnshire maverick, though the big difference is in how the cleaner is packaged. Instead of shipping a big bottle of liquid around the place, which is mostly water, the Proper Cleaner comes in slug-form which is wrapped in a water soluble packet that dissolves on contact with water, rather like those washing machine globules.

It’s not the first time that a concentrate has been sold to save costs, shipping and the planet. Where Guy’s cleaner differs is that replacements are tiny dry packets, about the size of a pair of cheesy Wotsits. They come in a fairly sturdy resealable ziploc bag, so you shouldn’t have any worries about water getting to the slugs and dissolving them prematurely. The cleaner will keep for up to three years in its resealable pouch.

As Guy puts it: “I use loads of it, and apart from anything it takes up a right load of space in the shed when it’s mixed in bottles! Now then, 70% of the planet is covered in water and there’s a massive business in delivering it all over the world, that seems crackers! So, I had a yarn with a few folk about doing something soluble, add your own water whenever you need to.

“We found a man, who knew a girl, who knew a fella, who found some folks up North, who could make what we needed and after months of testing, it’s now in your bottle but with your own water! It uses less fuel to get it to you, the liquid is bio-degradable, it’s not tested on Nigel the dog or his mates and it won’t take up half your shed! It’s Proper Cleaner and it’s the future!”

Proper Cleaner is said to be safe on all parts and surfaces, including carbon fibre, anodised parts, rubber seals and it’s disc rotor and pad friendly too. The made-up liquid is biodegradable too. And it’s designed, tested and made in the UK.

It costs £6.50 for 1.5 litres-worth, including the spray bottle. Replacement packets are then a fiver for a double packet (which works out at £3.33 a litre) and will initially be available through Guy’s website, and then hopefully in shops around the county soon after that.

MotoGP – electric support class set to debut in 2019


Motorcycle racing’s premier series is set to go electric for 2019 with the news that MotoGP is launching the world’s first electric racing championship – the MotoE World Cup.

There will be 18 bikes competing in the inaugural season, supplied by Italian company Energica, all filled by current grand prix teams, with each of the eight independent MotoGP teams provided with two bikes, with the four remaining machines to be slotted into Moto2 or Moto3 teams who chose to enter MotoE.

Practice sessions will take place on Friday, qualifying on Saturday, and the 10-lap races will occur on Sunday – mimicking the current GP schedule. The first pre-season test is set to take place at Jerez, later this month.

Michelin will continue as a single-tire supplier in the GP paddock, providing rubber to the MotoE teams.

Enel, the title sponsor for the series, will also be on-hand to help with charging the electric motorcycles – recharging time is said to be less than 30 minutes. The partnership with Enel is actually quite extensive, with the Italian electric company providing fast-charging stations to the MotoE paddock, as well as green energy supply/storage on-site at the five MotoE venues.

New metal – 2018 Triumph Speed Triple

Speed-Triple-RS-Front-3-4-Crystal-WhiteThe 2018 Triumph Speed Triple S and 2018 Triumph Speed Triple RS represent Triumph’s ongoing evolution to its modern motorcycle lineup.

This latest iteration of the Speed Triple includes IMU-powered electronics (RS model) and a modest 13hp power increase.

The bike boasts more than 100 new parts in the engine alone, with the Speed Triple RS now claiming 148hp at the crank, with 86 lb.ft of peak torque also on tap.

This power is controlled by five riding modes (four riding modes for the S model, which doesn’t have a Track mode), and a safety net is created by an IMU-powered traction control system.

That IMU also powers the cornering ABS, which means that the new Speed Triple is finally in line with its rival machines, in terms of rider aids.

The new Speed Triple gets an all-new 5in TFT dash and new hand controls.

The RS comes with Brembo brakes, Öhlins suspension, and dual Arrow exhausts.