Competition: Win a Visorvision Premium Care Kit

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Visorvision’s Paul Berryman, a classic bike aficionado, handy club racer and long-term instructor at the Ron Haslam Race School explains why you need to look after your visor.

If you’re reading this, you’ll most certainly ride a motorcycle. Well, we all know the level of vulnerability that is inherent to that choice – to prove it, here’s a question – when was the last time another vehicle sharing your piece of road made a manoeuvre without ever seeing you? Sadly, it probably wasn’t that long ago. They didn’t see you, but you saw them, right?

Well, in that equation you were able to look after yourself because you saw what was happening. That leads me to one of the most important parts of safe motorcycling. Wearing hi-viz to engage the other users by making them see you is a great idea, but there’s a hi-viz answer for the rider too – it’s really simple – look after your visor.

The three big things that get in the way of decent vision can sadly be simpler to acknowledge than to cure:

  • Fogging up on the inside of the visor or the rider’s specs
  • Clinging water droplets from rain and roadspray on the outside of the visor
  • Bugsplats and other road grime caked on the outside of the visor

Think about riding behind any combination of these visor issues and you’ll immediately be aware that your ability to respond to the threats around you are diminished – what this means is that you’ve just handed an element of your future wellbeing back to the other road users. In times when the weather is dark, cold and rainy, it’s also arguable that you actually need heightened vision over normal conditions as both you and the bike will be less able to respond rapidly when needed.

So what to do? There are many answers out there for the motorcyclist keen to take back control of their ability to see, at every moment, on every ride.

Whether you choose Visorvision’s award winning products to do these jobs or someone else’s probably only matters to me, but my advice for you is to have a think about your personal regime for making sure you can see through your visor and eyewear, whatever the weather, wherever you are. If you can’t see a problem in front of you, you can’t avoid it. My suggestion for a basic kit to carry with you at all times is as follows:

  • Carry a pocket sized visor cleaner at all times.
  • Carry or fit, an anti-fog solution that works on visors (and specs if you wear them)
  • Carry a specialist water repellent product that is 100% formulated for plastic (be wary though – car windscreen rain repellents are made for glass and will destroy visor coatings)
  • Designate a couple of microfibre cloths at home solely for use on your helmet and visor – keep them separate and keep them clean. This stops cross-contamination of other household cleaning agents onto your precious kit that can have an affect when in use
  • Don’t use any product not designed for use on a crash helmet or visor. Super strength kitchen cupboard cleaning products may be able to remove limescale, but that does not make them good for the job of visor cleaning, however dirty it is
  • Polycarbonate visors can be delicate. Treat them carefully – they’re your last defence against the outside world when you ride

WIN: #Bikefan has teamed up with Visorvison and to offer you the chance to win a £60 premium Visorvision visor care kit up for grabs. The pack, which comes in a sturdy Kriega Kube 1 padded pouch, features everything you’ll need to keep your visor in tip-top shape. Each pack contains the following:

  • 2 x V2 Sponge visor cleaners (RRP £7.50)
  • 12 x Fogtech DX anti-fog sachets (RRP £15.00)
  • 1 x Raincoat PRO 30ml bottle (RRP £18)
  • 1 x Lidfresh helmet sanitiser 50ml spray (RRP £3)
  • 1 x Shiner helmet polish 50ml spray (RRP £3)
  • 1 x Microfibre cloth (RRP £2)
  • 2 x sets Moldex earplugs – 4 pairs total (RRP £2.50)
  • 1 x Kriega Kube travel bag (RRP £9)

To be in with a chance of winning a Visorvision visor care kit worth £60, simply email with WIN in the subject line.

The competition closes on Tuesday, September 1.

WIN – An Optimate3 Global battery charger worth £49.99


We’ve teamed up with Optimate and have one of their brilliant new Optimate3 Global intelligent battery chargers up for grabs.

This latest version of the popular charger, which diagnoses, recovers, charges and optimally maintains all 12V lead-acid batteries rated from 3 to 50Ah, features a weatherproof case and is 50 per cent lighter than the previous model. It’s more powerful too, with output up from 0.6A to 0.8A, and can now recover severely neglected batteries from as low as 2 volts.

It’s also smarter – the Global’s microprocessor automatically performs hourly tests, maintaining the battery with an interactive float charge providing advanced warning of any issues. It also diagnoses sulphation and automatically applies pulses of electric current to recover the battery.

The OptiMate3 Global has a wide range input (100-240V, 50- 60Hz) that works with mains electricity around the world and also absorbs current irregularities better. It sells for £49.99 including VAT and there are also two and four bank options (£99.99 and £195) for multi-bike owners and small workshops.

For more information visit

To be in with a chance of winning an Optimate3 Global worth £49.99 simply answer the following question:

How many battery chargers has Optimate produced since 1995?

A) 20,000

B) 200,000

C) 2,000,000

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The competition ends on Monday, March 23.