New metal: Ducati celebrates 25 years of iconic 916 with special Panigale V4 S LE

03_Panigale V4 25_ Anniversario 916_studio_UC77834_High

Ducati has unveiled a limited edition Panigale V4S in homage to arguably its greatest ever superbike, the iconic Ducati 916, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Just 500 individually-numbered Panigale V4 25° Anniversario 916s will be built, with bike number five being auctioned off in tribute to Carlin Dunne, who lost his life racing a Ducati at Pikes Peak earlier this year.

Although based on the 1103cc, 211bhp V4S, this special version features the front frame from the 998cc V4R, a dry clutch, Marchesini Racing forged magnesium wheels and a Euro4-compliant titanium Akrapovic silencer.

All 500 machines come in a distinctive new livery, inspired by Fogarty’s championship-winning 1999 Ducati 996 World Superbike.

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