MotoGP – stunning qualifying by Laverty lights up a wet Silverstone


Eugene Laverty put in a spectacular performance in the wet at Silverstone to qualify in a sensational sixth place.

The Ducati rider had made it through to Q2 by dominating Q1, piloting his GP14 to lead the session, but a small bike issue at the start of the decisive second session cost him crucial tyre temperature and, ultimately, pole.

Laverty had looked good to claim a stunning pole in the treacherous conditions, looking smooth and fast throughout, and inside the time set by pacesetter Cal Crutchlow in the first two sectors of the final lap only to lose rear grip and crash out.

However, his pace was enough to earn him sixth place on the grid.

A delighted Laverty said: “The second row is our best ever qualifying so I have to be happy in some ways but our potential was so high there.

“At the start of Q2 I had some problems with the bike and I had to pit in, then the tyres got cold and I just couldn’t get the temperature back in, it was like I was riding around on ice. On the last lap I could see on the big screen that Cal had a big gap so I knew I had a good chance to be second but I thought “why not go for pole?”.

“I had a shot at it but unfortunately the tyre was too cold and I crashed. It wasn’t for not trying, that’s for sure. Still, it’s always nice to shine when you have so many people supporting you; a second row start is good for us and now I will hope for this rain to keep up! If it is dry I will just try and hang on near the front and a top ten result, as always, will be our goal.”


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