tested – Continental Sport Attacks

Continental Sports Attack

The Continental Sport Attacks you see here are shagged – they’re just on the right side of legal, but they’re fucked. And what am I replacing them with? Another set of Sport Attacks. Here’s why…

I got these fitted ahead of my annual pilgrimage to the TT, and on the ride over from Tamworth to Liverpool to catch the early morning boat they impressed straight from the off.

After the obligatory scrubbing in period it became clear they have impressive levels of grip, allowing you to carry some pretty big lean angles.

Their performance cannot be underestimated. During that week on the Isle of Man they dealt with the very best and worst conditions that the island could throw at us – rain, greasy damp conditions, gravel strewn roads and sticky, hot tarmac.

They’re really quick to warm up and give loads of feedback and feel, inspiring confidence and allowing me to ride hard in all weathers.

They’re pretty durable too. These have done 1800 hard miles, although when they did start to go they went after less than 200 miles. However, temperatures have been really high recently, and I put the tearing down in the carcass down to the heat, the huge amount grip the tarmac has been offering, the torque from my V-twin and my aggressive throttle inputs. This sounds like I’m moaning – I’m not. These tyres are stable, predictable and even now they feel good, allowing me to still lean the bike right over to the edge of the tyre.

If this comes across as some kind of love letter to the Continentals  then I make no apologies – they’re great. This isn’t some journo praising the latest company to give them a freebie. I’ve paid for these out of my own hard earned, and I like them so much I’m replacing like for like. Try some for yourself.


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