New metal – Aprilia RSV4 RF


Ten things I’ve learnt about the Aprilia RSV4 RF:

01) The bike is a technophile’s wet dream – launch and wheelie control, quickshifter, three riding modes, optional datalogger
02) I NEED a quickshifter…the noise as you bang through the box is addictive
03) It may look small but it’s perfectly formed. Narrow, light but roomy. Soooooooo comfortable 
04) That lightness means it’s supremely nimble
05) The back brake is fierce
06) The front brakes are phenomenal
07) Superpole graphics look great from a distance…not so sharp up close
08) The stock can is hideous
09) And the screen’s not great for anyone over 5’10.
10) The niggles are just that….niggles. I WANT/ NEED one


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