Road racing – fifteen things I’ve learnt about this year’s TT…

1) The superbikes at Ballaugh are spectacular

2) Ballacrye is sooooo fast

3) Bruce Anstey’s RCV sounds mean

4) The Norton sounds better

5) The Suter smells so, so good…but the sound was slightly underwhelming. The Paton on the other hand sounded like victory

6) Cam Donald’s best days may be behind him

7) The Irish can spend all day talking to you about how flat and smooth the road surface is

8) It’s illegal to overtake in double whites on the Mountain, even when the traffic is one way. Sorry officer.

9) Graham Hill and Jimmy Hill are brothers. Possibly. Then again…

10) The peanut butter cheesecake at the Forge in Santon is to die for

11) NEVER try and do a Michael Jackson joke 

12) It takes three women to make tea at the WI in Ballaugh…Caroline pours it, Jennifer stirs, and Gladys adds the milk. Tastes mighty fine too 

13) Fastest I saw on the clocks on the Mountain was 143…and didn’t get overtaken either 

14) Johnny Foreigner still loves a random over (and under) take 

15) The flies seem bigger this year


  1. We stay at Ballaugh every year(Ballamoar campsite, thoroughly recommended), and I love watching from the back stairs of the Raven, its our yearly home.

    The WI at Ballaugh makes me laugh every year. A funny old setup, but thoroughly enjoy going in there for breakfast.

    There seemed to be done atrocious riding this year. We got overtaken by a GSXR coming out of Ballacraine, yet even two up and with luggage, I was all over the tail of it going through Laurel Bank and Glen Helen. Some people need to learn that life isn’t all about straight line speed.

    The flies on the mountain were horrendous on Wednesday of race week. I still have the numerous bite marks now.

    The Norton sounded brilliant as ever, but the EBR1190 sounded pretty sweet, as did the Paton in the lightweights.

    Despite not sounding particularly entertaining, the Ramsey sprint was good. Normal road riders thrashing their machines over an 1/8th of a mile, with some of them not understanding how the lights worked. Green means go!

    The racing at at Billown was good, Ballabeg was a cracking place to watch.

    Back next year for more thrills, only 351 days till we get on the ferry. Not that I’m counting.

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