New – Wolf Racing-K 1-pc leathers

Wolf Racing-K 1pc Suit 1 copy

These subtle leathers are from Wolf, the British brand that is being relaunched for2016.

Made from a mixture of cow and kangaroo leather, the Racing-K is only available in black – a very understated and stealthy look that many manufacturers seem to have moved away from in recent times.

The leather used is 60 per cent cow hide and 40 per cent kangaroo, a material which more and more manufacturers are embracing as it’s stronger and offers greater flexibility than cow hide. It’s also supple too – essential for getting a snug but comfy fit.

This flexibiity is a key feature of the Racing-K. There are well-placed stretch panels on both sides of the ribcage and behind each arm, and these allow a greater degree of movement when on the bike. Wolf claim these stretch panels allow up to two inches of added flexibility – a welcome feature if you wear a back and chest protector.

Needless to say the suit boasts a plethora of protection including heavy-duty external slides on the elbows, shoulders and knees, which are designed to allow the rider to slide rather than dig in and cartwheel in the event of a crash – this is a key feature in preventing breaks.

Other features include vented panel on the torso and thighs, and Union flag graphics on the elasticated stretch panels above the knee and on the back.



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