Hey, leave our Guy alone


So, last night Lincolnshire lad and motorcycling maverick Guy Martin added another accolade to sit on his already bulging trophy cabinet, setting a speed record for the fastest wall of death.

The Kirmington based rider broke the 60mph barrier on an Indian before smashing that and recording an impressive 78.15mph on his own prepared triple.

It was no mean feat – Martin was pulling more than 6G as he travelled around the wall – and in his own words he was starting to suffer with ‘grey / blurred’ vision.

And yet despite this achievement, and bringing motorcycling to the masses on primetime TV on a Bank Holiday, social media was awash with keyboard warriors belittling his efforts, and what he has achieved in his stellar career to date.

‘But he hasn’t won a TT’, ‘Ken Fox could’ve smashed that record’, were some of the nicer comments. Yes, he hasn’t won a TT, but he’s constantly been one of the fastest riders between the hedges and his bravery and commitment can’t be questioned – he had his fast crash at the UlsterGP because he wanted the win, because he wanted to beat Bruce Anstey.

Ken Fox could possibly have broke the record, but he didn’t. Guy did. Get over it and applaud the man for raising the profile of motorcycling immeasurably. He’s a national treasure and I’m lucky enough to have seen him race live more times than I care to remember. I hope the hatred of the minority doesn’t mean he’ll hang up his road racing leathers for good.


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