MotoGP – runner-up Rossi launches scathing attack on Marquez


Valentino Rossi gave a riding masterclass at Valencia, carving his way through the field from the back of the grid to finish the race in fourth place. However, his Herculean effort was in vain as team-mate and title rival Jorge Lorenzo rode a faultless race to cross the line in first.

Lorenzo took the title as Honda duo Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa were unable to pass the Spaniard, with Marquez not making a single attempt to pass his compatriot. In fact MotoGP’s most aggressive hard charger only got race when his team-mate Pedrosa closed the gap and attempted to pass towards the end of the race.

Marqeuz’s lack if of fight irked many across the glove, including title runner-up Rossi.

The Italian said: “Marquez Finished his job today, that of being Lorenzo’s bodyguard. He clearly didn’t want me to win the title. I never seen Behavior like this. I don’t understand why.. I hope he will understand what he did in these last races is an embarrassment for the sport and for everyone involved with it.

“I knew from Thursday that Lorenzo will win this title because Marquez will protect Lorenzo. Why did Marquez never try to overtake Lorenzo? Why did he overtake Pedrosa? How can Honda can one of its riders helped Yamaha to win a race?

“From now on, I don’t think Marquez will Play again at The Ranch with The kids (VR46 RidersAcademy). This season was a great season.I was always Competitive and never made any mistakes.”


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