MotoGP – HJC bears brunt of fragile Lorenzo’s fury

Jorge Lorenzo suffered another torrid time in the rain, going from the lead at a wet and treacherous Silverstone to eventually crossing the line in fourth place.

Lorenzo got off to his usual blistering start but was unable to maintain his pace in the tricky conditions, falling down the order and blaming the issue on his visor misting up, making it unable to see the track.

Speaking after the race the Spaniard said: “At the first start with the slicks the situation was very dangerous, so I was happy when it started raining more so we could start with the rain tyre. The feeling in the first three or four laps was good and I was riding well, but the other riders started going faster than me.

“Valentino and Marquez passed me and I was in third position losing time every lap. They had a better pace than me early on in the race and I couldn’t do anything to follow them. Suddenly, when entering the chicane, I almost had a big crash with Espargarò who made a incomprehensible move and it was a miracle I stayed on the bike. I was upset, but luckily I remained on the track and I tried to stay in third position, but Petrucci, Dovizioso and Pedrosa passed me.

“I was able to move faster and was getting better and passed Dani. In the last laps I arrived at Dovizioso, who made some mistakes, but it started to get colder and raining more. I completely lost my vision, because the visor was foggy and had to slow down and lost a chance at the third place, which was a pity.”

This is the second time this year that Lorenzo’s helmet has cost him points – at Qatar Lorenzo claimed the lining of his HJC came loose, causing him to drop back down the order to fifth. So is his helmet manufacturer to blame?

Dovizioso also suffered with misting at Silverstone, as most racers did. During the post-race press conference he said: “Vision was a problem, a really big problem and I couldn’t see anything at all for the final five laps.” However, the Italian just dug deep, sucked it up and carried on racing. And he didn’t point the finger at his helmet manufacturer or accuse them of robbing of a place or two.

Lorenzo undoubtedly has a mental problem with riding in the wet – a hangover from his massive and painful crash in the wet at Assen – and has admitted in the past that he was scared of taking big risks in the wet. His contract with HJC is lucrative, yet the manufacturer won’t tolerate continuing to write the cheques while their sponsored rider points the finger and blames them for dropped points. At Silverstone, Lorenzo told the media that he intended to complete his contract with HJC for the rest of the season. Expect to see him in a new lid next year…


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