TT – Sarolea announces new SP7 electric superbike


Belgian outfit Sarolea has launched its new 2015 Saroléa Electric Superbike at Autoworld, the vintage car museum in the centre of Brussels.

The new Saroléa is an evolution of the 2014 model and has been modified and enhanced on a number of levels. The Belgian team is now targeting a podium place at this year’s SES TT Zero Race on the Isle of Man with Scottish rider Robert Wilson once again piloting the squad’s bike.

The new bike has improved aerodynamics, which will provide higher top speeds, and is considerably slimmer, which also enhances the position for the rider, while modifications to shift the centre of gravity will improve the bike’s handling. Saroléa has also managed to reduce the bike’s weight. The modifications are mainly related to the use of more carbon fibre and more titanium parts as well as the use of 3D printed parts.

The biggest improvement however is the new motor which boasts a significant improvement in torque – early tests by Saroléa are demonstrating a 50 per cent increase.


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