BSB – Josh Brookes ready for BSB title challenge

Official British Superbikes Test Donington Park 2015

Milwaukee Yamaha rider Josh Brookes is confident the all-new YZF-R1 is good enough to let him challenge for the BSB title, in this its debut year of racing.

Brookes who has been runner-up twice (2010 and 2012) and claimed one third place (2013), says the new bike has lots of potential and believes it will make a big impact on the track.

He said: “When I first rode the bike in Australia at the launch I got a really good impression straight away. The bike has a lot of potential and I think that everybody who gets a chance to ride it will get that same impression.”

“I think the new YZF-R1 is going to be really impressive in British Superbike because the rules are quite restrictive. We can’t modify the bikes to a really high standard, so having such a high standard machine from the standard road bike translates really strongly into British Superbike races. We have a really good platform to build a race bike from, so I think the YZF-R1 going to be a really good bike.

“For every season I get into I want to win races and, of course, the championship. I think that’s the same for every rider or any athlete for every sport; you want to reach the top and you want to be the best. I have a great team with Milwaukee Yamaha and I have a great new motorbike with the YZF-R1, so my goals are to win races and take out the championship.

“This is my second season with Milwaukee so I am really familiar with the team and the group of people I have working with me. This really gives me the freedom to be myself; ride the way I want to ride and be the person I want to be on the racetrack. The mechanical side and the preparation side of the machine is all done without fear of it needing more work, so it’s just up to me to do the job.”

The BSB season kicks off this weekend at Donington Park.”


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