MotoGP – British round returns to Silverstone for 2015 and 2016


The British MotoGP returns to Silverstone for the next two seasons following the dramatic breakdown of an agreement between Donington Park and the Circuit of Wales.

Silverstone had originally lost out to the Circuit of Wales to host the round after the consortium behind the Welsh track clinched a long-term contract with Dorna last year. But as work on the Ebbw Vale circuit is still to start, the Circuit of Wales then reached an agreement with Donington Park to host this round. However, that partnership deteriorated to the point where the agreement was terminated, and Silverstone, the only other venue in the country fit to stage the GP, has agreed a deal that will host the UK round for the next two seasons.

Michael Carrick, chief executive of Circuit of Wales, said: “We are delighted to announce that we have reached agreement with Silverstone to host the 2015 and 2016 British rounds of MotoGP.   We want to thank the new management at Silverstone, our partners at Dorna and our investors for the rapid response needed to support the 2015 event when it became clear that we would be unlikely to conclude the contractual arrangements at Donington.  We are delighted to secure the future of the event for the next two years while our circuit in Wales is under construction.

“We continue to advance our development activity on the Circuit of Wales and are focused on the upcoming public inquiry into the deregistration of the common land.  We expect construction to commence once this inquiry has concluded.”

The race will still be held over the weekend of August 28 – 30.


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