Tested – Arai RX-7 GP


This is my third RX-7GP and I have nothing but praise for it.

This is my sole lid, and it’s the exact same helmet that you see top racers such as Pedrosa, Crutchlow, Vinales and Rea wearing each weekend. I love this helmet and with good reason too – it’s performed faultlessly on numerous trackdays, European tours and the daily commute to work. It’s truly all-day comfortable, and the non-itch lining does a good job of keeping my scalp dry and sweat free. The brilliant combination of visor vents and Pinlock means you’ll never suffer with misting, the visor change mechanism is easy to master, and the retractable chin spoiler is a neat, well-thought out touch.

It’s done some 33,000 miles this year and the only problem I’ve had is that the vent on the left diffuser broke after some 20,000 miles and now the vent button won’t close and it clicks as it moves in the wind. And the exhaust vent near the rear spoiler has just started to crack on its upper edge.

This lid came fitted with a Ventureshield paint protection film, which sits on the chin, forehead and temple areas. It’s just started to peel but it’s obviously worked as the helmet looks box fresh on the outside.

I know this lid will look after me in the worst case scenario – I threw my GP down the road when I came off at speed and slid some 110m down the road, smacking my head hard in three different places. The shell took a proper battering but everything worked as it should and I didn’t get so much as a headache – enough said.

Arai’s slogan is ‘there is a difference’ and they’re right. This is very much a top of the range lid, and it’s worth every penny of its hefty price tag.


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